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We all need a safe space in which we could hide and run away from the outside world. A cozy place for our favorite things, somewhere warm and soothing. The moments we can stop and spend all alone are priceless. When we can find inner peace. Enjoy the small pleasure which make up our feeling of comfort and give us the strength needed to carry on. And if you would allow such a possibility: read your favorite book an a big book-bed with the candles lit, under a huge, hand knitted blanked. Transport yourself to a fairytale, a bit unreal world in which everyday problems vanish.

We would like to invite the guests of the Ice Hotel to our ice room which is subversively named WARM UP and which can provide all you need – coziness, quiet and a bit of magic. We will wrap them in a blanket of snow, place them on a giant book-bed engraved in ice and will let enjoy their moment, the feeling of just being then and there. It will be a place of warmth when you come back from the cold outside. Staying in the Ice Hotel is unique and inspiring. Our guests will remember not only the incredible visual experience but also the quiet, inner peace and warmth.

01 / 11 / 2017

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