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est. 2007


We are a Poland based design studio that creates exceptional residences and interior spaces. The designs we produce are not formulaic or style driven but are derived from measured principles – and that’s what makes us different. 



Our design is built on foundations derived from first principals. History, geography and the vernacular of the architecture tell us where to begin – they’re the true story tellers. Although we like to keep things expressive and work to that approach, every project will benefit from the application of strategic thinking and a highly structured framework. 

Once coupled with the client’s needs, no matter how challenging, our unique approach will start to thread together a story, going beyond just style, to deliver sophisticated design on a superior level. 

We create beautiful spaces, but we also create so much more than that. We believe in the detail, and subtly weaving that detail into a design. The narrative may not be immediate or obvious, but when you do discover it, it becomes clear why we approach interior design in this way – you’re presented with something timeless. 


We understand design, but we also understand the importance of people. We provide a diverse and multi disciplined team that gives us the expertise to push boundaries for clients who want to achieve the truly extraordinary.

Tomasz Czajkowsky

Working as an interior designer I constantly try to fulfil my clients’ needs. Like most of us I am overworked and usually very busy, everyday is a hustle. I constantly crave for creative challenges. For 10 years I have been participating, among other artists, in building and designing Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi. This experience was always metaphysical to me. Before I believed that the piece of art must last to exist. It’s different with Ice Hotel. Artists’ works simply melt down after a few months and flow into the river turning full circle and creating a platform for new creative work. Thanks to this experience I realised the importance of the creative act and how it is influenced by artist’s personality. 

At the beginning of the pandemic I read Winston Churchill’s biography to find out that he had painted landscapes everyday until his death. I realised that for 15 years I have not drawn anything for my personal pleasure. Even though drawings are at the heart of my ccupation(only recently the act of drawing was made obsolete by modern software). 
I got back to the source of my fascination with drawing. As far as I remember portraits have seemed to me the highest form of drawing. During my school years I was portraying kids in park for a small fee. It all changed. In the last year I created dozens of portraits and gave them to my friends and colleagues. Drawing gives me unmeasurable pleasure, it allows me to disconnect from reality. Drawing for the drawing itself is a very refreshing act during which I am not concerned with its market value or even recognition in the eyes of the model. 

At the moment I play with colours. I experiment a lot and observe the evolution of my drawing. I am also grasping the idea that each finished portrait, an ice room, an interior or furniture design is a form of self-portrait. That’s because we, artists, all wish to be immortal in our creations. 

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