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Ice Hotel 2021

Out of many applicants from 13 different countries, 32 artists have now been selected to create the hotel. 

After the first snow has fallen, we designers will come up to Ice Hotel. Together with the production and construction crew, we will build a 2,870 m2 seasonal hotel consisting of 12 art suites, 24 ice rooms and 1 ceremonial hall. Three teams will create suites inside the hotel's year-round building, Icehotel 365. 

This year project will refer to the style of the first "ART DECO" project.

Below you could find some pictures from last years.

More information: 

Ice Hotel 2017 art suite acanthus photo 7 by Asaf Kliger.jpg
ICEHOTEL 28 art suite Last Faberge Egg photo 5 by Asaf Kliger.jpg
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