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Black and gold constitute a perfect, timeless combination. By applying this combination, Tomasz Czajkowski designed a unique piece of furniture aimed at people sensitive to beauty and those who value the classics at its best.


Gold flakes embedded in glass form its top, while black shiny steel legs with gold endings constitute its frame.


A simple, elegant form gives it a universal character and the piece of furniture perfectly fits into interiors with different concepts, styles and various uses, blessing them with luxurious charm. Raw black steel contrasts beautifully with gold irregularly sunk in a glass pane. 


The Made of Gold accessory table is a proposition for people looking for original and stylish items, yet practicality and multifunctionality of which have not been lost. Thanks to its dimensions it can be used as a portable piece if necessary. It will be an ideal place to put away a glass of wine or a book. The conical shape of the legs makes the table look light and does not overwhelm even small interiors.


Gold Leaf Side Table

  • Height: 50 cm
    Width: 40 cm
    Depth: 40 cm
    Gilded tip of the leg: 8 cm

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