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How about having a seat in the transparent air? This unusual idea inspired the architect and interior designer Tomasz Czajkowski, who decided to combine his passion for travelling with creating unique furniture. One of his latest design art works is the Ice Chair.

A traditional chair is usually associated with concrete, substantial materials, be it metal or wood shaped in the process to a given form. The chair is then finished with fabric covering the seat or the back.

Tomasz Czajkowski decided to gain inspiration from the beauty he discovered while working at ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjarvi. The cold regions of northern Sweden have become an ideal opportunity for putting to use some blocks of transparent frozen water. The ice from the Torn river, crystal clear and uncontaminated by any human activities, is the main building material for the hotel and constitutes the base for creating furniture. It also has become a stimulus to create a piece of furniture of a
unique form. A simple chair can be easily integrated into residential interiors, waiting rooms, cafés or offices, but at the same time, thanks to its simplicity seems noble, almost statuesque. The experience gained in the process of using ice as a building material resulted in the designer’s exploring the idea to its limits. The author’s intention was to create a piece of furniture which may seem non-obvious or even unreal. It intensifies user’s impression that he is not sitting but levitating
in the air. The glass chair although barely noticeable in a given interior, determines its character and says a lot about the owner’s individuality. The simple form corresponds to the intriguing transparencies and can be finished with decorative fabrics of various textures, with pillows or leather imitations. It is the additions, which determine the purpose and character of the Ice Chair. In his designs, Czajkowski draws from experience of recognised masters but always underlines the need for comfort common for all furniture users. The idea to create a comfy chair characterised by
futuristic design, transparent yet very durable was implemented in the Ice Chair project. The inspirations derived from ice blocks, which Czajkowski used during his work in Sweden, appear very clearly in this design.

To date Tomasz Czajkowski has led and accomplished dozens of successful projects, the core idea of which was to put people in the centre. They are the users while the main role of the pieces of furniture and designed interiors is to accompany them. It is the reason for the importance of their simple form, which encompasses convenience, unique design and functionality.

Ice Chair

  • Dimensions:
    Length: 110 cm
    Width: 78 cm
    Height: 71 cm

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