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The main inspiration behind the creation of this unique chair was the cold area of ​​northern Sweden and the ice from the Torne river. Crystal clear ice unpolluted by man is the  basic building material of the ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärvi. Tomasz Czajkowski has participated annually for many years in designing and construction of the extraordinary hotel.


His main goal was to create a simple and practical furniture yet noble and exceptional in its form and appearance. And such is the ICE CHAIR. It surprises the user with its comfort - the spectator with its futuristic vibe and both – with being easily adapted for various interiors.


The ICE CHAIR will fulfil its function both in an apartment, a waiting room, a café or an office. It boosts the character of the given interior and emphasises the individuality of its owner.


In the original version, the chair features a glass, transparent base, resembling a block of ice. That is where its name derives from. The form of the furniture, however, turned out to be so successful that the designer decided to create other variants of it. That's how noble, white marble found its place in the construction of the chair. The seat and backrest were covered with high-quality velvet.


It is possible to further personalize the furniture and choose the colour of the material from the wide range available in the brand's offer.

Ice Chair Marble

  • Dimensions:
    Length: 110 cm
    Width: 78 cm
    Height: 71 cm

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